Somebody just posted video of Sarah Palin's speech after the first Iowa screening of the Sarah Palin lovefest documentary, Undefeated. She's certainly not trying out a new stump speech here; it's just a seven minute disjointed babble about hating government, with the same tired shots at "the lamestream media" and railing against that "hopey changey" stuff. Oh, and Palin says this movie, which is all about her, is "not all about me," even though it illustrates "a person—a people's—desire to be involved in the greatest government in our world's history, wanting to be involved for the right reasons, here in America." Just try to see how long you can take Palin's blather before you have to shut this video off:

The few comments on MofoPolitics (motto: "Your daily dose of hoping Obama fails.") are roundly positive:

We need to know if you are goin to run .You got my vote and my wife vote.

(Via Politico.)