Not to step on the travel editor's toes, but an arts + culture (that's arts plus culture) tip for your next trip out to New York City: Thomas Kiedrowski has created Andy Warhol's New York City, a collection of walking tours through Manhattan (two on the Upper East Side, one in Midtown, and one Downtown) that points out relevant locations to Warhol's long run during the heyday of Manhattan's art scene, including stops at Edie Sedgwick's apartment (random plug: her lengthy biography, the text of which consists solely of edited together interview responses from people who knew her, is fantastic) and New York Hospital, where he died. New York's already a city—like just about any big city where you don't live—where just walking around aimlessly all day is decent entertainment in itself, but shaping it around landmarks that aren't mainstream tourist destinations sounds like just the touch of direction you need. Even if you're not a specific Warhol devotee (I've personally always been more fascinated by the characters in the milieu he surrounded himself with—speaking of which, Ultra Violet's autobiography is a good trip, too), the degree to which Warhol was enmeshed makes it something of a tour of the best era in Manhattan's art scene in general.