NATO Kills Target in Afghanistan: The military strikes may have killed a "senior militant."

Egypt: Still Revolutioning. Over 1,000 people are hurt in a clash with police.

Britain on Strike! Thousands of teachers and other public workers in England take to the streets over pension cuts.

How Gay is Gay Softball? Should gay sports leagues be able to mandate how many gay players must be on a team?

Thighs of Lies: The American Medical Association officially condemns Photoshopping.

Donate to Stephen Colbert: The FEC approves the comedian's SuperPAC, which makes fun of campaign finance rules.

Birthers Sue Esquire: For some reason, they won't just go away.

Sarah and Ashley are Out! Charting the most popular baby names. Apparently I'm not hip anymore.

Londonders See UFO! Um.... Reportedly. This UFO is pretty bollocks though, Brits: