—Surprising exactly no one, Portland's premier stoner comic, the hilarious Ron Funches, is behind No Pun Intendo, a night of videogame-themed stand-up. Defying all of the stereotypes that accompany "videogames" and "stoner," though, it's a well-organized show with a stellar lineup that includes McSweeney's contributor Mike Drucker and the ever-funny Ian Karmel. AH
Ground Kontrol, 511 NW Couch, 10 pm, FREE

DANCE MINUS DANCE—Ubiquitous guitar-strummer Nick Jaina is getting classy: His new work, performed tonight, is an epic piece based on a poem that will debut on stage in NYC with members of the New York City Ballet. But for the Portland crowd, it's "Dance, Plus Music, Minus Dance." Which means no ballerinas, but an opera singer instead! And a cello! SM
Alberta Rose Theatre, 3000 NE Alberta, 8 pm, $10