Aint no cure for the NBA lockout blues
  • Ain't no cure for the NBA lockout blues

Say goodbye to basketball for awhile. During a meeting this afternoon negotiations fell apart (when owners refused to take on the players in a high stakes game of one-on-one) meaning a NBA lockout is imminent. Today was the final day of the league's collective bargaining agreement—as everyone knows, no wearing white after the CBA ends—which means the NBA will go into a lockout at the stroke of midnight tonight.

Whether you side with the owners and their suspicious accounting methods or the players and their modest spending habits that we can all relate to, the distance between the two is quite extreme. Meaning this lockout might go on for a long, long time.

Some think the two sides will stop fussin' and feudin' in time for the season to begin in late October, while others (me) believe the lockout will stretch deep into 2012, giving the NBA its first shortened campaign since the 50-game 1998-99 season. Your leading Blazers scorer that season: Isaiah Rider. The sad part is that while the billionaires (owners) and millionaires (players) get in a money fight, there are countless team employees and arena staff (let's call them the hundredaires) that rely on a full NBA season to pay their bills.

Meanwhile, lowly bloggers like myself are left without a team to write about. So if anyone has a kickball team, ultimate frisbee squad, or laser tag league that needs coverage, let me know.