This just in from the copshop: There was an officer-involved shooting at the 3600 block of SW Barbur this morning. Denis Theriault is en route, I'll update when we have any more info.

Southwest Naito Parkway in the area is blocked in both directions because of the incident. The mayor and police chief have cancelled a 12:45 press conference they planned to host about the arrest of a 24-year-old suspect in the shooting death of 34-year-old Leonard James "LJ" Irving on 82nd Avenue last weekend.

There's not much around the 3600 block of SW Barbur except the Caro Amico Italian Restaurant. Here's a Google photo of the street:

NWCN says that police dispatch received calls about a man harassing people in a park in the area, including one that said the man had a knife. From the scene, Denis Theriault reports that Front and Curry Community Gardens is roped off with red tape and many of the police higher-ups (like Chief Reese) are on the scene.

UPDATE 12:26PM— Denis just talked with witness Jay Smith, who was driving north on Barbur at about 10:20am when and saw a man in black shorts with longish hair running from the overpass near the Naito/Barbur intersection, which is apparently a place where homeless people camp out. Smith says four or five police officers were chasing the man. "They had him cornered," says Smith, adding that one of the officers was carrying a "yellow, bazooka-like gun" which is perhaps one of the Portland Police's new taser shotguns (which police are using on a trial basis right now). Smith says he heard one gun shot, but other witnesses in the area say they heard three or four. An ambulance has been called and has already left the scene. The police have yet to hold an updated briefing on the shooting, but we'll update when they do.

UPDATE 12:58PM— You can let that breath out now: looks like the shooting was non-lethal. Denis just got out of the briefing with police on the shooting. Here's his rundown of what happened:

At 9:55 am, the police bureau received a call saying a man was bothering children who were attending a summer camp at Lair Hill Park. The man appeared to be intoxicated. While officers headed to the scene, another person called into dispatch and said the man had a knife.

Officers wound up firing at at least one round at the man, who was struck and taken to an area hospital. Police wouldn't say where he was hit or how many shots were fired, but the man's injuries appear to be non-life-threatening. Other than that, the police aren't elaborating on whether officers had a nonlethal weapon, like a taser gun.