In addition to a much more user-friendly site, Broadway Books is now offering Google ebooks through their site.

With the launch of this new nifty website, you can see what's in our store and buy books online. Save on shipping by picking them up at the store. Or we're happy to mail them if you'd like. Special orders can be placed through the site as well.

As part of this change, Broadway Books has partnered with Google to enable you to buy Google eBooks for your eReaders (anything but a Kindle) through this site. By doing so you can continue to support your local independent bookseller. We're happy to walk you through the process of getting set up. It's easy, and our prices are comparable to what you'll find at big box stores or online retailers. Click here to learn more.

The decision to move to this more robust (and more expensive) website came after much deliberation. And it came in great part because we had customers telling us that they want to buy eBooks but want to support us, and customers telling us they wanted to be able to order online but want to help us stay in business. We think this is a solution that can work for everyone.

It was a good decision, guys.

(Hat tip to Gabe over at Portland Reading Local.)