For the food cart pod feature this week, I wrote up the carts along SW 5th and Oak (which are, obviously, the best carts in town).

I was excited to try Brunch Box, but their menu is almost entirely "sandwiches filled with beef or bacon or bacon-stuffed beef" and I turn up my yuppie vegetarian nose at such things. So I reluctantly ordered a veggie burger, thinking that dudes who are so excited about a double grilled cheese sandwich cheeseburger wouldn't put much effort into the $4.25 soy-patty offerings.

I took my burger over to the lobby of Big Pink, unwrapped it, took a bite and thought, "Damn it! They gave me a turkey burger!" Or maybe a beef burger. I didn't know what the hell this it was, but it was way too meat-y to be veggie. I ate it anyway (hey, I'm not gonna waste it), then went back over to Brunchbox and ordered a second veggie burger. I cut it up into little triangles and handed it to meat-eaters around the office, asking what they thought it was.


The answer: Below the cut!

It's Morningstar Grillers Prime!

Mercury ad exec Rob Thompson, who eats a diet of pure beef, pointed out the fibrous chunks of patty that showed it couldn't be meat. A call to Brunch Box confirms that they use Morningstar, though apparently I'm not the only one who thought the burger was too good to be true: "That's funny," said Brunchbox's Derek Coughlin. "I had someone today try to return a veggie burger, saying we'd given them meat. I checked and it was veggie."

For the price, this puts Brunch Box's veggie burger right at the top of my list of favorite veggie burgers in town.*

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*followed by C Burger's C-Less, Pause's black bean burger, and that one from The Farm.