I'm not going to lie to you, the prospect of a long NBA lockout is making me really depressed. But don't worry, no matter how down I feel I'm not going to do anything crazy—like have consensual sex with someone I love. Thanks to this totally-not-embarrassingly-outdated "It Ain't Worth It" video, I know that NBA superstars A.C. Green, David Robinson, and Barry Sanders (he didn't have the heart to tell the producers he played football) greatly care about stopping the "epidemic" of pre-wedding boot knocking.

The best scene comes when Robinson dunks the ball (Abstinence 2, Sex 0) before informing us what really happens during sex ("AIDS, pregnancy, pain, and death"—note to self, never sleep with that man). Green then follows this with an urban street "rap" next to a handball court, for some reason.

No sex and no basketball... it's going to be a long year.