My pick for tonight's First Friday shenanigans in Milepost 5, specifically Plumbum Gallery, which is celebrating the opening of a lo-fi photo show, "Reconsidering the Everyday." It's a joint show between Will Elder and Johnny Shultz, showcasing somewhat casually taken photos, Elder's on a C3 Argus pointed at "quotidian, everyday or mundane aspects of life," and Shultz's on an iPhone using the Hipstamatic app. It's basically impossible to take a photo that isn't pretty with Hipstamatic, and we're living in a time when people are conditioned to accept anything lo-fi as a sign of something raw, the artist's passion for art persevering through crude tools of poverty, etc. I'm not really looking for technical feats at this show, but I'm curious to see if they execute a not-particularly-unique idea in a new way. As Elder puts it in his statement, "The Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem belongs to a realm of permanent sacred status. A 4th of July potluck and house show cannot attain that same status, but I believe it can, via document, acquire a moment of the sacred to those who witness said document, the same way as a memory of such an event catalyzed by the mind into myth."

  • Jonny Shultz

Tonight's opening reception kicks off at 6 pm.