Have you seen these spots that have been airing on late-night TV these past couple weeks? Yeah, that's Tommy Chong, and yeah, he'll be at Mary Jane's House of Glass in Vancouver, WA, on Monday, the Fourth of July—signing "all sorts of crap." Sigh. That's some commercial. I wonder how many takes it took to shoot.

Oddly enough, this video was uploaded to YouTube in June 2010, which means they've either been planning this a year in advance, or Chong has done this before, or the commercial's amazing post-production swirly-smoky effects took a year to put together. Sigh. (Actually, there seems to be evidence on the internet of Chong appearing at Mary Jane's on July 1 of last year, so perhaps this is an annual tradition).

Sigh. Look, man, I love Tommy Chong. But this video bummed me out, man. It really harshed my mellow. NOT TO WORRY: We can erase the taint of this atrocity as soon as next week, because the movie that made Cheech & Chong a household name—Up in Smoke, which I still think is still totally hilarious and great—is playing next week at the Laurelhurst, from July 8 through July 14. See you there. Cough.