The weather's hot, which means the I, Anonymous ranters are steaming! Here's a few you may have missed over the long weekend:

• Learn important "Broseph" mating rituals!

• WAH! My friend the well-paid comedian isn't funny! WAH!

• EW! A dog pooped in the produce aisle!

Yet another bike accident—but this time, it's cyclist-on-cyclist!

• And this... the super patriotic I, Anonymous Blog Quote o' the Day!

I don't want to hear it's a terrible economy to rationalize not having a job. I know history majors who currently earn great income, even in fields that have nothing related to their major. How? Because they work their asses off. That's America. Hard workers get any job they want. There is a correlation between laziness and lack of patriotism. The lazier you are the more likely I am going to hear "America sucks" out of your mouth.

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