Well, I hope you're happy, Blogtown. Seriously. What the shit. Sending Erik on a bike ride? You guys did that to me last year. It was magical. What do you have against bike rides, anyway?

I'd also like to thank you for ruining, out of the gate, our brand-new Blogtown series before it even has the chance to get going. Discomfort Zone had potential to be GREAT; we spent long and hard coming up with the idea, and it knocked out some of the other ideas we had kicking around (such as our "Freaky Friday" idea, in which two Mercury employees switch jobs—and lovers!—for a day, or our "Le Retour de Martin Guerre" series, which legal advised us would get us into serious trouble).

Nope. You blew it. You decided to send Erik on a merry ol' bike ride, instead of THIS: