Redman Has Flower Power

We all know it's literally impossible to go anywhere on the Eastern seaboard without running into an affiliate of the Wu-Tang Clan (everyone knows Kool G Rap works at the Sbarro's counter at LaGuardia), which is why Redman made a surprise appearance on the cover of Saturday's edition of The New York Times.

The article wasn't about Redman the rapper, or the master thespian from such classics as How High and How High II, it was about consumers crossing state lines in order to buy legal fireworks.

“My father took me to buy fireworks, and now I’m doing it for my kids,” said Reggie Noble, who was filling his cart with fireworks at the Phantom Fireworks in Easton one day this week. Mr. Noble, 41, who is better known as the rap artist Redman, said it did not make much sense that he cannot buy fireworks in New Jersey, where he lives.

I'm all for Fourth of July safety (not really), but I think all those affiliated with the Wu should have diplomatic immunity when it comes to firework purchases.

End Hits: Dare Iz a Darkside to firework regulation.

h/t: Prefix