Over the weekend a Facebook page appeared for something called the 2012 Portland Fashion & Style Awards, prompting a whole lotta "WTF?" from my friends and associates in the local industry. Upon inspection of the website, it's revealed to be a Semper Fashion production, which let's just say does not inspire a ton of confidence, nor does the fact that the HQ address is in Vancouver. This is apparently happening in January, and until then, you can, if so inclined, vote on a number of categories listed on the web site, including "best designer," "salon," "event," "lifetime achievement," etc. We'll see how this shakes out, but we're watching you PFSA... we're watching you. Behold the mission statement:

We are Portland. We are Fashion & Style. From the City of Roses, the most sustainable city in the nation, home of fashion giants Nike, Jantzen Swinwear, Pendleton Woolen Mills and 3 Project Runway Winners, comes an event who's time has come, The First Annual Portland Fashion and Style Awards. Recognizing the fashion designers, boutiques, salons, models, photographers, make up artists and stylists of the Portland Metro Area and celebrating an industry which reflects our city's artistic and entrepreneurial spirit. Join us in honoring those who help to make Portland beautiful.

MOD: JK, we're not really watching you. We're just trying to get a better look at your shoes.