Since meeting my partner four months ago, we've been through the thrill of meeting, hot sex, and sadly, an unplanned (but ultimately welcomed) pregnancy that ended in miscarriage. My guy has never hidden his attraction to men and we'd discussed bringing a guy into the bedroom, with me participating or watching. I told him I was into it as long as we discussed it, set limits, and were open and honest. The truth was not to be, however, and so it was that I saw his email when looking up something on his phone (it really was an accident) and discovered that he'd posted an ad online looking for a man to suck him off either alone or as part of a couple. We had an agonizing discussion about this and he swore he'd never do it again. If I hadn't been pregnant, I would have ditched him. Since then I have not trusted him and have searched Craigslist looking for him using key words that describe him. Today I found his naked and shaved balls in all their glory in an ad seeking just about anything. When confronted, my parnter denied it and then admitted it and then said he couldn't help it that he wasn't attracted to me anymore since I've gained weight. Is he a lost cause? Should I move on? I was prepared to be flexible and support him in indulging his fantasies but I feel so betrayed. I can lose all the weight in the world but I'll never have a cock.

Betrayed By Bisexuality

My response after the jump...


1. Four months does not a "partnership" make. This guy is your boyfriend, BBB, but just barely and, if you have any sense, not for much longer: DTMFA.

2. You say you would've dumped him when you discovered that first online ad but didn't because you were pregnant. Well, you're not pregnant anymore, BBB, so you don't have to stay together for your unborn children: DTMFA.

3. You weren't betrayed by a particular sexual orientation, BBB, you were betrayed by a particular piece of shit that you happen to be dating. Your soon-to-be ex's bisexuality isn't the issue; indeed, you were fine with his desire to sleep with men and willing to accomodate a little same-sex sexing in your relationship. He response to your generosity and open-mindedness? Lying and cheating—and then blaming your weight gain when you caught him. Bisexuality isn't to blame, BBB, shitbaggery is. DTMFA.

4. Go here, get this.