A Slurpee in Review: Cowboys & Aliens Alienade


Jesus, how many Slurpees did you drink?!!! The photo with the plastic sleeve thing is obviously the Coke slurpee.. Unless Apu took a shit in the Alienade and it turned from it's radioactive blue hue to a light brown.
I spent a winter in college drinking rossi out of those LOTR goblets. That was a good time.

You can just end Blogtown forever, because I don't think anything will ever be better than this post.
I can't fucking believe they went for Cowboys and Aliens special cups over Captain America special cups. How they hell am I going to finish my collection of getting each member of The Avengers in slurpee cup form?

Bad form, 7-11...bad form.
Joneser, sometimes it's like we're the same person.
That's a lot of effort just to get the Mercury to buy you a Slurpee.
I like Cowboys vs. Aliens Alienade flavor. It's good! Plus, you could'a just waited until today and got a little 7.11oz cup fo' free fool!