Portland's downhill skateboarders are getting legit: What looks to be the city's first-ever totally legal and permitted downhill skateboard race is slated to take place this Sunday, July 24th, on Mount Tabor.

"As far as I know, this is Portland's first legitimate downhill skateboard race," says Billy "Bones" Meiners, who's been skating in Portland for seven years and did a lot of the bureaucratic legwork to organize the race along with skate group PDXDownhill. Our fair city has a sizable skate community (I will link to this photo whenever possible), but until now, the super fast downhill skate races have been limited to questionably-legal ventures in places like Washington Park. One of the world's premiere downhill skate races actually takes place a couple hours outside of Portland at the Maryhill Festival of Speed (which is INSANE and—historical sidenote—takes place on the first paved road in the northwest), so Portland's lack of legit downhill racing seems odd. "With so many people getting into the sport it becomes harder and more dangerous to put together illegal events," says Meiners. "Somebody needed to step up to the plate and put together a race so myself and the rest of PDXDownhill decided to do it. It's time that Portland, a City well known for skating, has it's own downhill race."

Organizers hope the hill will be taken over by skaters and civilian rubberneckers much like it is during the annual adult Soapbox Derby. Expect a lot of this:


All the info on registration costs and race times is at PDXDownhill.com.