Here's the new video from the Fruit Bats, and as you can see, it's totally state-of-the-art and up-to-date, reflecting the current fashions and styles of this brave new time we live in. That's Eric D. Johnson sporting the Barry Gibb hair (and falsetto), and some other folks who I suspect aren't full-time members of the band. Plus, a mustached man with a saw. And legwarmers.

The lead single off their upcoming Tripper album (sadly, not named after John Ritter's character in Three's Company), "You're Too Weird" find a great balance between all of Fruit Bats' sensibilities: indie, pop, folk, country, vintage soft rock, plus the more danceable end of the musical spectrum, and a righteous guitar solo to top it all off. Tripper comes out August 2 on Sub Pop, and the Fruit Bats are playing a clutch of local dates right around that time. (It's worth mentioning that the current touring version of the band includes local musicians Dave Depper and Nathan Junior, and early word is that this lineup sounds incredible.) Find out for yourself at their in-store at Music Millennium on August 3, or during their two official sets and a workshop set at Pickathon during August 5 and 6. Johnson also performs a solo set on the Doug Fir patio the afternoon of Sunday, August 14.

If you want more of the shenanigans as seen in the "You're Too Weird" video above, be sure to check out the specially-made trailer for the album here. It's absolutely ridiculous.

End Hits: No, YOU'RE too weird. Weirdo.