Who's the Man Behind the Nation's Vitriolic Right to Life Campaigns? This dude.

"Too Gay" to Give Blood: An Indiana clinic turns away a straight, male blood donor because they think he looks gay.

Hack Attack Part One! Hacker group Anonymous weasels its way into even NATO.

Hack Attack Part Two! Lawyers for News of the World phone hacking victims say the illegal practice may be more widespread.

Killer of Muslims Put to Death. Here is a sad and interesting story: Texas man goes on shooting spree of brown people to avenge September 11th, is sentenced to death penalty, one of his victims ask his life be spared, so they can meet face to face. Request denied.

"Get Off the Road!" is Criminal: LA outlaws psychical and verbal harassment of cyclists—a surprisingly tough law for the car-centric city.

Privateers on the Moon! Spurred by a $30 million prize put up by Google, private firms race to build a lunar lander. I'm looking forward to the inevitable film spin-off, Boat Cop in Space.

Speaking of Space: The public US space program sputters out another goodbye.

Pricey Love Child: The Federal Elections Commission is forcing John Edwards to pay back $2.3 million in misused campaign funds.

Michelle Bachmann's Doctor's Note: We saw Obama's birth certificate, right? Why not a note about headaches from the cuckoo presidential candidate's doctor?

ComiCon: It Has Begun. Photographer The One True B!X is already down there snapping photos for us, including this gem:

  • B!X

Portland Summer Will Never Come: But at least we're not facing a deadly heat wave! Right? ....right?

Delayed and Downsized: It's the $148 million Portland Streetcar project!