While on his annual nerd Hajj to Comic Con, Erik Henriksen left specific instructions for me to not touch his prized collection of M.U.S.C.L.E. toys, nor am I allowed to read this towering stack of erotic She's the Sheriff fan fiction left on his desk. Most of all, under no circumstance am I allowed to post any film news or trailers on the blog, since "I ruin everything and smell bad."

Both valid points, but man, check out this trailer for Drive.

Much like me, Ryan Gosling is a ruggedly handsome stunt driver by day, badass getaway driver by night and the film boasts an all-star cast that features Ron Perlman, Albert Brooks, Christina Hendricks, and Bryan Cranston. Unlike Vin Diesel's 2 Fa5t II Furiouz 5, Drive was well-received at Cannes, with director Nicolas Winding Refn (the man behind Bronson) taking home the Best Director prize.

Drive will be out in September, by that time Erik will have already murdered me using his homemade Krull glaive. Erik sure loves to wear his SeaQuest shirt.