Tomorrow is a good day in the land of Portland style, with two kickass events lined up one after the other (instead of conflicting—yay!). First up is the first-ever Mississippi Flea, a small, super-selected outdoor sale featuring clothing, small home goods, art, records, and more from 11-5 pm on N Shaver and Mississippi. That gives you just enough time to head Southeastward for a beer in the Gold Dust Meridian-manned garden adjacent to the alleyway where nearly 20 designers' clothing will walk for the Alley 33 fashion show, which will be emceed by Alicia Wood of Ms. Wood. Details on both events plus more going on this week can all be found here. And speaking of Ms. Wood, it was just announced today that Ryan Artists is kicking off a series of trunk shows, beginning with Ms. Wood on Thursday August 4 (6-8 pm), with drinks and a sample sale rack, plus the opportunity to custom order those platform shoes that are rapidly becoming legendary, at—get this—wholesale cost. These shoes are high, but everyone swears up and down that they're more comfortable than most heels (and a little bird once told me they might be available for custom order in any color, not just black. I'm thinking a light blue might be nice. Oh god, my new-camera fund is suddenly in peril.). Talk me down. Or encourage me (wholesale!). You decide.