There's a poop ton of interesting I, Anonymous entries over at the new I, Anonymous blog, including one that I could not even begin to decipher (something about "hipsters," "interstellar highways" and the "impossibility" of the "Poly-universe in Real Time?" I dunno... maybe you can figure it out). ALSO! There's this far more clear submission about somebody who's fed up with the lack of S-E-X he/she's getting.

You need to come up with a really amazing reason why you don't want to have sex or come to terms with the fact that I am about to start fucking other people. If we don't have a talk, I am going to cheat on you like a motherfucker and not feel even a little bit bad because it'll be easier than divvying up the stuff, the pets, the friends and moving out of our nice house.

Preach on brother and/or sister! Or is he/she morally in the wrong here? Check it all out for yourself, leave a chastising comment if you like, and submit your own entry! You're gonna get sick if you keep all that bile inside.