Our photographer The One True B!x has been taking a ton of great photos this weekend at ComiCon here in San Diego and I stuck a bunch of funny ones below the cut. Check em out.

But in addition to the comics industry's largest convention being about eyecandy, it's about business. Lots of it. There's no way to count the number of Portlanders here, but it feels like you could throw a pen in any direction and hit a Portland artist, writer, or publisher in the noggin. ComiCon marketing director David Glazer, who's been helping run the event since before I was born, says the presence of Portland at the national convention is "very noticeable." "They have very, very popular publishers and very, very popular creators," says very-very Glazer.

But it's no joke, some Portlanders are doing pretty well! I blogged yesterday about Joelle Jones, who was invited to be a prestigious "special guest" of the convention. Jones was the first announcer at the industry's awards night, the Eisners, where she got to read off the name of another Portlander, Shannon Wheeler, who won the best humor book of the year award for his work I Thought You Would be Funnier.

Portland artist and writer duo Lukas Kettner and Brandon Seifert were still a bit overwhelmed by the presence of a giant banner sticking high over the convention floor to promote their comic, Withdoctor, when they sat down to do a signing yesterday. Seifert still has a day job and Kettner only went full-time on comics in the past year. "It's interesting to come out to this, because usually I've got my head down in the studio, working alone. All this is like a big pan made of people slapping you in the face," said Kettner, stopping to reconsider the metaphor. "...with love."

The pair even had swag: Withdoctor posters and free Withdoctor pens. Ten minutes before the signing was supposed to begin, they already had a line. And who was at the front of it? A can-can girl.


Oh yeah, this is the bigtime.

Photos below the cut.

All these photos are credited to The One True B!X

Waldo: Totally Lost.
  • Waldo: Totally Lost.