So I was in historic, beautiful New Orleans last week which was OHHHHHHH-KAY and fun from what I remember (which admittedly isn't a lot, thanks to an eventual onset of alcohol poisoning). However! A definite highlight was laying bloodshot eyes on this: JIMMY BUFFET'S HAT AND FLIP FLOP!!


Spotted this in a Parrot Head bar on Bourbon Street named "Tropical Island" or something like that. Again, don't remember much about any of it. Thankfully I had enough forethought to snap a few more pics which you can see after the jump.

Here's a shot of Bourbon Street on a WEDNESDAY NIGHT at around 3 am. (Jesus, just imagine it during Mardi Gras!) On street level, it's like a never-ending scene from The Walking Dead.


Here's one of the many awesome (and VERY loud) brass bands you'll see playing on downtown street corners throughout the night—this one was taken around 2 am. Can you just imagine this happening in the Pearl?


Unsurprisingly, the people of New Orleans LOVE ME—so much so in fact, they fashioned a giant replica of my head to use in their next parade. Note to head sculptors: I had that mole removed.


Here's the main contributor to my poisoning: a little drink entitled "VOODOO JUICE." In case you want to make it at home, here's the recipe: In a soccer ball-sized goblet, add one (1) package of Tropical Punch Kool-Aid, with at least twenty-seven (27) varieties of booze (whatever you happen to have on hand). Stir, drink at least three (3) in one sitting, and call for a gurney."