I recently started looking at porn again after almost two years, and it quickly grew stale. So I went to Craigslist to look at the kinky shit people were into and their pictures. Soon after, I find a picture of my sister. Down to the neighborhood, though her eyes are blurred out. One pic of her nude and one of her giving head and there's a tattoo that's unique to her and is clearly visible. Even her awkward posture, everything, 99% sure its her. The ad was from her boyfriend looking for a "horsecock" to stretch her pussy, while he sits in the next room. So pretty much its her business but it's a mind fuck. I half want to call her out, shame her out of it. She just turned 22.

Sister Pics Dilemma

My response after the jump...


While I can appreciate your feelings of shock and horror, SPD, your sister is an adult.

Adults are are free to post what they like to CL, and adult females are free stick what they like—mancock, horsecock, whatevercock—in their pussies. And it's crazy hypocritical of you to enjoy the perversity on display at CL and then clutch your pearls in horror when you realize that someone you know and love—gasp!—is just as horny as you are.

So you're not going to call your sister out or shame her, SPD. But you are going to say something to her.

Here's why I can't in good conscience tell you to MYOB, as the old lady used to say: there's a chance—and not an insignificant one—that your sister isn't aware that her boyfriend is posting her pictures to CL. Horsecocks, stretching pussies, your GF getting it on while he sits in the next room—all standard-issue cuckold fantasy, SPD. Standard-issue male cuckold fantasy stuff.

Now there are women out there who get into cuckolding, of course, just as there are women who dig porn; and there are certainly women out there who can appreciate the particular pleasures of horse meat. And there are women out there who've given their boyfriends and husbands the okay to use their pictures in online personal ads seeking thirds for cuckold scenarios. However...

There are a lot of men out there with cuckold fantasies that they're not looking to explore in RT—because they have no actual interest in realizing them, or their partners have made it clear that they're not interested—who post pics of their actual wives and girlfriends to sites like CL without the consent or knowledge of their actual wives and girlfriends. These guys don't see/refuse to see the potential harm in rubbing one out while fantasizing about the responses they've received from men who want to fuck their actual wives and girlfriends. The harm comes, of course, when the wife or girlfriend is recognized by a sibling, a coworker, a potential employer, or some pic collector posts the pics to a website, where it will live forever, incriminating tattoos and all, long after the CL ad has disappeared.

On the off chance that your sister's BF is posting private pics to CL without your sister's okay, SPD, you need to say something to her. She needs to know those pics are out there, if she doesn't already know it, and, if she does know they're out there, she needs to know that she can be recognized.

But no "calling her out," SPD, and no slut-shaming. Just a loving heads-up from a concerned older brother.