No more naming things around here after trees. Tonight Woods (the band, not the venue) is playing at another arboreal show space, the Doug Fir. The band at least can be forgiven: They're from Brooklyn, where trees are somewhat more of a novelty. Though they've been recording their now six-record run since '06, it was their 2009 record Songs of Shame that garnered them Pitchfork's "Best New Music" nod, and last year's At Echo Lake had them finding their stride in slightly warp-y psyched out songs that were surprisingly sunny and just this side of straightforward. The most recent Sun and Shade adds in more of the experimental, longform style that they're known for in their live context without abandoning the spiffy, upbeat, but a little underwater pop songs they execute so well. And if it reminds you of the soundtrack to a montage of summery nature doings (jumping into lakes, fires on the beach), it's not just city-boy fantasy. The band typically escapes the city to record, count swimming as a touring priority, and their label Woodsist (founded by Woods' singer-guitarist Jeremy Earl) holds its festival not among New York brick 'n' mortar, but in the natural beauty of Big Sur. Summer seems like the best possible time to see them. Tonight's show starts at 9 with The Fresh & Onlys and Pacific City Nightlife Vision Band on opening duties, $14. Here is what I believe is their only music video, for Songs of Shame's "To Clean":

"Pick Up" from 2010's At Echo Woods:

"Any Other Day" from Sun and Shade: