We just received a release from the Portland Police Bureau documenting an extremely weird, and frightening story in which an 11-year-old boy [PPB update now says the boy was 12, I'll correct it below] was taken hostage by a clearly deranged person with a rock. BUT THAT'S NOT EVEN THE START OF IT.
According to the release, last night around 9 pm, the suspect, 43-year-old Casey Betts, burst into a home on the 118th block of South Yamhill, armed with a rock, and attempted to grab a young girl. Rebuffed, he fled the residence... and that's when things got even weirder. From the PPB release:

Arriving in the area, officers observed a man matching the description standing in the middle of the street at Southeast 117th Avenue and Yamhill Street with his left arm around a young boy's neck in a choke position with a large rock in his other hand. The suspect was threatening to kill the boy. The boy was in a state of extreme fear and looked distressed. The boy was taken hostage by the man and was being used as a human shield.

Officers made a plan to rescue the hostage while officers had the suspect at gunpoint and gave him verbal commands to give up. Other arriving officers approached the suspect from his blind side and 2 officers deployed their TASER'S. The TASER caused the suspect to loosen his grip on the 12-year-old boy allowing him to escape. The suspect fell to the ground, dropping the rock and officers were able to take the suspect into custody without incident.

Apparently after being unable to kidnap the girl at the residence, the suspect fled into the street where he stopped a truck carrying the 12-year-old boy and his uncle, yanked the young man out of the passenger side door, and took him hostage, threatening him with the rock. Police say that their initial investigation indicate that the suspect was probably suicidal, and was hoping he would be "killed by cops."

Betts was charged with Attempted Kidnap in the first degree, Burglary in the first degree, Coercion, Kidnap in the first degree, Menacing and Unlawful use of a weapon and was lodged in the Multnomah County Detention Center on $332,500.00 dollars bail.