Debt War! Democrats and Republicans are still at odds on our debt.

War on Marxism and Muslim Takeover: Norway rallies around the recent bombing victims, as suspect Anders Behring Breivik admits he did the bombing, but it was a legitimate act of war.

The Maid's Legal War: The maid who accused DSK of rape tells all to Newsweek, but that may have imperiled her case.

War on Obesity: McDonalds decides to put fruit and veggies in Happy Meals.

War with Self: There's an epidemic of teen suicide in Michelle Bachmann's home district.

Old War, New War: Mexico's drug cartels are see themselves as the new Knights Templar.

Mariachi Price War: Hard times put LA mariachi musicians at each others' throats.

War on Obesity, Part II: It's the thinnest house in the world!


War on Cigs: Oregon colleges and universities will go smoke free by next fall.

Wu War Watch! Maybe Congressman David Wu will resign? Maybe? UPDATE: Wu is out! See the post above.