The Nielson brothers just might be the greatest export to emerge from Oceania—sorry, studs—but following the disintegration of the Mint Chicks, the Kiwi/Portland siblings have gone their separate ways. New Zealand gets Kody Nielson, while us Oregonians are lucky to have Ruban Nielson amongst our ranks. Ruban is the man behind the once-secretive project (read more about it here) Unknown Mortal Orchestra, which just released its self-titled debut LP a few months back.

Before their session, there was little video evidence of UMO—no, not UFOs, everyone knows those fly over Portland all the time—but now it seems as if the trio has shed their camera shyness a bit. The band was filmed by Bowlegs performing "Ffunny Ffrends" (in New Zealand, even the '90s sitcom is spelled Ffrends) in the basement of their label, Fat Possum.

End Hits: A performance in the basement of the Alamo would have been more impressive.