It appears that summer's finally here, so we have two weeks or so to make the most of it before the first winter storm hits. (Actually, my wine-maker pal insists that we're going to have an Indian summer, based on previous vintages or something. If he's getting my hopes up for nothing, I swear to God I'm leaving town) If you're looking to celebrate three-straight river-worthy days, you could do worse than a dinner with Courtney Sproule's Din Din Supper Club.

This Sunday, Sproule is setting up shop at Versaille Gardens and Pomerius Nursery. She was inspired to host a French-style garden party while in France this spring, and thus the menu reflects that style of cooking:

zucchini cakes with brandied early tomato & sour cherry
sole stuffed with porcini, leek, and pancetta with beurre Jura and baby chard
rack of Reister lamb, lemon sabayon, and artichoke heart
greens salad & nasturtium
goat cheese
hazelnut panna cotta with Chinon-drowned strawberries

Dinner w/ wine pairings (and possibly spirits...Courtney's playing coy) will run you $75 + gratuity. Dinner's often sell out quickly, but because this one's outside in the garden, there's a little more room. Take advantage. You can reserve your spot by calling 971-544-1350 or sending an e-mail to courtney@dindinportland.com.