A man with an ancient, raspy voice just left a message for us regarding New Seasons sweeping the best grocery store category of PDX Approved:

On your PDX APPROVED readers choice Portland Mercury edition 2011, you neglected to mention WinCo. W-I-N-C-O. They're the cheapest store in town if you want to buy basic food. It has nothing to do with any brand name or anything, but they have a great selection. Produce, meat, fish, anything you can think of, dairy products, frozen food. It's a you-bag-it-store. Just go in there any time. WinCo. W-I-N-C-O. I'm on social security and that's my favorite store. I've been going there the last 13 or 14 years. Please include that in your next edition. It was left out. Really left out.

WinCo: Really Left Out.