I've shamelessly used this paper to extol the greatness of Astronautalis since 2004 or so, which means I'm pretty darn thrilled to hear the news that my favorite Seattle (via Florida/Texas) emcee has a new album on the way.

This Is Our Science drops (I can use that word, it's hiphop) on September 15 and the first single is a rapid fire number named for the man who created the periodic table of elements (there is also a Joni Mitchell reference thrown in there somewhere). A reluctant rapper with a damaged rasp and a knack for oddball live shows that are part therapy sessions and part freestyle jams, Astronautalis is hardly your run-of-the-mill rhymer. Last we heard from him, he had teamed with POS to record a conceptual album about F. Scott Fitzgerald under the name the Four Fists, but until that recording sees the light of day, This Is Our Science will be dominating our summer playlist.


Astronautalis - "Dimitri Mendeleev"

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