Debt! Debt! Vote! Vote! Democrats and Republicans in the House both huddle with their partisan camps before a vote today on the debt ceiling.

$1 of Every $5 in the Economy: Is the nation's healthcare tab in 2020, say number crunchers.

The End of the World: Sweden is building a nuclear waste storage facility that will outlive us all.

The DSK Maid Tape: The lawyer of the woman who accused Dominique Strauss-Kahn of rape says she never schemed to make money.

Riot at the Documentary Screening: An "unruly crowd" dancing, taunting police, and "planking" at an LA screening of a documentary about an electronic music festival results in police shooting beanbags and setting up a mobile jail.

John McCain Slanders Hobbits: The Senator uses the noble Middle Earth race to describe Tea Party members.

White House Rickroll: Following the lead of the Oregon Legislature, the White House rickrolls its Twitter followers.

It's Aliiiiiive: Scientists seem close to creating the spark of life in a test tube.

Speaking of Science: They've also created a glow-in-the-dark dog recently.