Le Butcherettes

Another week, another Mercury music section to ignore while you read about how Morrissey declares that the Norway shootings were no worse than McDonalds or KFC. How can such a smart man say so many dumb things?

There are many components at play with Le Butcherettes: A Guadalajara-raised singer named Teri Gender Bender, the drummer from the Locust, a record label run by the afro'd gentleman from Mars Volta, and a fiery, intense live show that isn't afraid of a little blood.

Le Butcherettes - "I'm Getting Sick Of You"

Despite its title, Goodbye Bread is not a low-carb conceptual album about the Atkins diet (R.I.P., Uncle Butchy's Low Carb Creations). Instead it's the latest batch of sun-soaked garage rock from dude/bro Ty Segall.

Ty Segall - "You Make The Sun Fry"

End Hits: Can I get that without a bun?