GUYS! Do not forget that the Big Float is THIS SUNDAY—and the weather is gonna be bitchin' (a perfect 80 degrees) which means there's absolutely NO REASON for you not to grab an inner-tube and float across the Willamette with up to 2000 of us, and then see an amazing concert! (Oh, you can think of a reason, river hater? READ THIS FIRST, and put away your preconceptions. You may also be interested to know that dinosaurs and humans didn't live together at the same time.)

BUT THIS IS IMPORTANT: You should totally register online, rather than sign up when you get there, because the Big Float is filling up faster than anyone expected, and there's only 2000 slots. Plus, if you float (and give a $5 donation) you will get a wristband to get into the concert on the other side. If you DON'T float, you'll pay $7 dollars and MIGHT get in to see the show if there's still space. Floaters get priority. Sooo... REGISTER!!

Here are the necessary deets for the Big Float:
Meet us at: 1515 SE Water
Onsite registration: from 9:30-11:30 (or just bring your printed out registration if you're smart)
11:00 am—Inner-tube parade across the Hawthorne Bridge!
11:30 am— Floating begins!
Noon - 6:30— After-float pool party at SE end of Hawthorne Bridge, plus food! Plus an outdoor concert featuring Ramona Falls, Agesandages, Keep Your Fork There's Pie, Orca Team, and Bull Ramos. (Remember, that's $7 if ya don't float.)

For way more info (including where one can purchase an inner-tube, scientific factuals on how swimmable the Willamette actually is, registration and more), hit The Big Float website. And I'll see you on Sunday, because YOU CAN BET YOUR SOAKING WET ASS I'LL BE THERE!