Paul's post this morning (about Michelle Bachmann's biblical reference to the phrase "jot and tittle") reminded me of a religious cartoon I religiously watched growing up in the bible belt. "Jot"—named after the very same bible verse—was a series of short cartoons broadcast from the mid-60s to the '80s depicting the moral quandaries of a dot-like kid named "Jot." Since it was produced by Southern Baptists, it's all about moral simplicities—but the good news is that visually, it's very WEIRD. And actually beautiful, in a mod kind of way. Check out this psychedelic episode wherein Jot's hands get dirty! God doesn't like that very much. WASH YOUR GODDAMN HANDS, JOT!!!

And if you liked that one, check out "Jot's Nightmare"—it's fucking terrifying!! It's after the jump.

And this one about why God decided to kill Jot's grandma.