Praise our cloven hoofed dark lords, Slayer is coming to town. The evilest band from Eviltown USA (a suburb of Huntington Park, California) will be at the Memorial Coliseum with Rob "Woolite Commercial" Zombie on Friday August 5th.

We're giving away a pair of tickets to the first person who can solve The World's Evilest Crossword Puzzle™, which is loaded with questions about Slayer, serial killers, and (gasp!) Republicans. This thing is so sinister it makes Will Shortz shitz his pantz.

If the puzzle doesn't quite literally kill you, send me the correct answers (you can scan it, or just email me the answers) as soon as possible. The puzzle is after the jump, good luck. *UPDATE* We have our winners, thanks to all that entered.

Don't like crosswords? Can't blame you. You can skip the contest and buy your tickets here.

Downloadable PDF