A somewhat famous person was hit by a car while biking in Portland, everyone! And luckily, the injuries are non-life threatening, but they still sent Portland native turned Detroit Lions NFL player Joey Harrington to the hospital Sunday night.

According to police, Harrington was biking west on Foster Street near 88th Avenue at 8:20pm last night when 26-year-old driver Derek Johnston struck his rear bike wheel, causing him to crash. Police cited Johnston for following too close. Hopefully Harrington will recover quickly!

There's a handful of celebrity Portland jocks who also bike. Of course, there's the great and fuzzy Trail Blazer Bill Walton who famously had his bike stolen and then returned during the 1977 championship parade. In 2010, now-former Blazer center Joel Przybilla had a custom bike made in Portland to fit his 7'1" frame. And then there's Timbers player Sal Zizzo, who has a very practical commuter bike setup and even wears a helmet.

UPDATE 3:40PM—A nonfamous person has also been sent to the hospital after being hit by a car today. In that case, a woman crossing the street in a Hillsboro crosswalk was struck by a pickup truck reportedly traveling less than five MPH. Rough 24 hours.