Did you go to the Big Float on Sunday? Did you notice anyone having an underwater threesome... perhaps including a dolphin? I think that's what this is about:

I had what it seemed to be the perfect fit 4 the weekend,a woman who wasn't afraid to have underwater sex with headphones on,and experiment with dolphins while at it.Where are the wild girls at!We went deep,so so deep,we took designated parts of our wet suits off,and got it on.As I began to play with her cocouse of selfish sushi I saw the eyes bug out completely.I immediately thought it was because we handt yet gotten around to petting with the dolphin,which Lovingly I called "Floppy"(we had its owners consent,dont go Peta on me) but the eyes kept bugging,of course,it must be my Super Giver Orgasm Powers.

It goes on from there. This I, Anonymous blog thing is fun, guys! So go ahead and submit your own—just do your best to make it non-nonsensical, and be sure to include the dolphins! (Floppy needs love, too!)