Pickathon begins this Friday, and you'll be able to read about it in the upcoming issue of the Mercury. If you're going, you know that there is lots to do, but one thing that we hope doesn't get lost in the shuffle is the Sunday morning kids' show from Pickathon mainstays Breathe Owl Breathe. While their dazed, laidback, stoney folk is certainly kid-friendly (their last album had a song about a dragon and a princess becoming unlikely pen pals), this morningtime show is geared specifically for kids. They're premiering a 7-inch record package that also includes a children's book; Pickathon is the first place they'll be available to pick up. The hardback book features a story and woodcut prints from BOB's Micah Middaugh, and the 7-inch has two new songs from the band.

The Sunday morning kids show will be a premiere of sorts for the new project, and word is that there will possibly be puppets (which may even be larger-than-life). Pickathon has always been kid-friendly, but this goes one step beyond. I suspect a large portion of Pickathon's adult crowd will also find this a suitable way (cough) to ease into the third day of the festival.

Sunday, August 7 at the Mt. View Stage, 10 am. Breathe Owl Breathe also performs later that day at the Workshop Barn, 5 pm.

End Hits: Wakin' and bakin' with the kids.