Debt to the Senate: The GOP-friendly debt deal is now heading to the Senate.

I'm Gonna Cut You: What gets cut in the debt deal? Oh, just somethin' about slicing millions from the military.

The Scandal that Will Not Die: There's a new arrest in the phone hacking case. Also, a must read is this insider account of News of the World that will somehow make you feel sorry for the paper.

Muslims Say They're Loyal: In a new poll, nine out of ten American Muslims said American Muslims are not sympathetic to Al Qaeda. Aaaannnd that legally binding poll ends all discrimination against Muslims.

Not Such a Great Headline About Gabrielle Giffords: But good news.


Saudi Arabia Builds World's Largest Phallic Symbol: It's the world's tallest tower, soaring 3,280 feet over the desert.

Yikes: A terrible famine is devastating in Somalia and the rest of the world is slow to help.

D.B. Cooper is Dead: The American legend who hijacked a plane and parachuted to anonymity in 1971 is most likely dead according to the FBI. :(

The Married, Lesbian National Heroes: A totally badass lesbian couple in Norway is credited with saving 40 lives during the Utoyan massacre.

Long Overdue: A very aesthetically pleasing cookbook.


Marathon Manhunt: Police launch an epic chase and arrest three men who robbed a store.

Nothing But Tragedy: A profile of a kid who was killed by a hit and run driver in Clackamas.