Straight up, I never finished any of those Lord of the Rings books. I tried to sit through the first movie, but after 14 hours of waiting for Elijah Wood to kiss that kid from Goonies, I fell asleep. So when a friend sent me a link to the following video, I had to take her word for it that it was a stupidly, insanely elaborate, spot-on recreation of Middle Earth within the blocky Minecraft game engine.

Again, I'll admit I didn't stay awake for that whole clip. Without the vague promise of hot hobbit-on-hobbit sexy time my attention span just falls right the hell apart.

Did any of you geeks manage to make it through all 45 minutes? Is it as intensely well crafted as I've been led to believe?

Did they include that bit where Dumbledore shoots Khal Drogo?