A friendly reminder that pot possession remains criminal, despite what you hear on the street. And smell.

Portland Police busted three SE grow houses this afternoon, seizing 2,000 plants with over $2 million street value. Here's what that looks like:


Along with the plants, police took subsequent gardening supplies.

The two shiesty growers, now on their way to Multnomah County Jail, had been diverting electricity directly from nearby power poles, creating a "clear and present danger" to the neighborhood. The five search warrants needed for these houses were part of an investigation into a "Drug Trafficking Organization operated by Chinese Nationals" that has been underway for months, according to the police report.

The operation's output was found to be distributed across the region. Also — WHAT!? — the trafficking operation had no connection with the medical marijuana business.

Run-of-the-mill drug bust, but I felt it necessary to clear the air.