Hi, guys. What's up? Oh, yeah? Huh. That's cool. What's up with me? Oh, well, over at the new I, Anonymous blog, someone's trying to make you feel guilty about eating and cooking meat again. Voila!

Chefs with this attitude are almost worse. You think you're cool because you got a pork-chop tattoo on your neck and can do something "neat" with meat? Are you kidding? Grill station may be tough, but anyone can throw some salt and pepper on that bitch and make it delicious. It arguably takes a special skill to fuck up meat. Make a vegan sausage that is as tasty as fresh pig: then you've got bragging rights and are a real kitchen Jedi. It's all ingredients, don't treat 80% of them like they're not worth using.

As commenter dmitrir asks about this posting: "Who are more obnoxious: pompous foodies or sanctimonious vegans?" Weigh in with your own opinion at the new I, Anonymous Blog, and/or submit your own sanctimonious, pompous post!