Balrog never gets the respect he deserves.

I mean, here's a character who routinely stares down dudes who can cleave mountains in half with a knife-edge chop, generate a half-million volts of electricity through their skin and throw balls of super-hot plasma at will. His response? Punches. Lots of punches.

That's hardcore. Which makes sense given that the character is based on Mike Tyson. Not the terrifyingly insane, rapey, spousal abuse Tyson either. No, Balrog is the virtual equivalent of the 20-year-old, World Heavyweight Champion Iron Mike who could literally decapitate the average person with an uppercut.

Fortunately, the good people at Chubby Boy Films have given the boxer his due in Balrog: Behind The Glory. The faux documentary short film details the trials and tribulations of growing up as a youth entirely incapable of removing his boxing gloves, even while shaving.

Normally I'd praise this thing all to hell and conveniently forget to mention the movie's crap effects in lieu of its obvious love for its subject matter, but in the case of this flick, the production values are top notch. Even if you've never dropped a quarter into a Capcom arcade machine, you should watch this 12 minute film simply for its uncanny ability to subtly mimic the culturally ingrained aesthetics of the E! network.

That's some good parody right there.