Is Fresh Pot Hiring? I Just Want Some Time To Focus On My Music.
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  • Is Fresh Pot Hiring? I Just Want Some Time To Focus On My Music.

As Sarah reported last week, Mayor Sam Adams won't be running for reelection. It appears that just like the rest of us working in precarious fields (I've got the 1-2 punch of job insecurity: literary publishing and newspapers), Adams knows that he's only a stone's throw from the service industry. Good to know then, that he's freshening up his skills. On Tuesday, August 9th, Whole Foods is bringing their Flash Kitchen—a series of pop-up cooking classes intended to educate the public that making good, healthy meals doesn't necessarily have to take up your whole night or blow your whole budget (and, probably, an attempt to offset the fact that they're a huge corporate monolith with a shitty healthcare plan and disgruntled employees)—to the steps of CIty Hall.

Simpatica chef Scott Ketterman will show up for lunch to teach Adams, Commissioners Nick Fish, Amanda Fritz, Randy Leonard and Dan Saltzman to make a a cold watermelon and cucumber salad with fennel and mint. The store will donate $1 for every attendee that shows up to Loaves & Fishes Centers (admission is free).

The event runs from noon to 1pm, but if you're a local restauranteur looking for a new prep cook with leadership experience, you might show up early.

Via Eater (Shame on you for the crass salad-tossing headline you beat me to.)