Look at this nice girl who is in the hospital:

Daily bike commuter Laura Stanger, 26, had been crash-free until Wednesday morning when she was riding up NE Couch toward the Burnside Bridge. Though the city revamped NE Couch to be safer for bikes, it's a notorious right hook zone. And that's what happened to Stanger Wednesday morning. She writes:
I am currently typing this with one hand. Around 7:45am, I was commuting to work on my bicycle via NE Couch St. and was struck by a vehicle turning right onto Grand.The car had no turn indicator and appeared to be traveling straight as well, until they made a sudden right-hand turn directly in front of me, leaving me no time to react or brake. Unfortunately, I didn't ascertain the make and model of the vehicle, and failed to obtain the license plate as I lay in the street watching the car slow down (I thought they would stop), then speed away. Three local business owners also commuting to work stopped to help me, but unfortunately, they didn't get the vehicle information either. Perhaps someone else that witnessed the accident can provide more information about this upstanding driver.

The people who stopped to help turned out to be...

none other than Janis Martin & Melissa Meade, who own Tanuki, and Portland Luggage owner Tom O'Brien. But even spicy Japanese noodles and classy handbags couldn't fix up Stanger, who had to go to the hospital and is now saddled with medical bills for a broken elbow. She also filed a report with the police, but without the license plate number, it's unlikely they'll track down the car.

The car was some sort of black, newer-model mid-size SUV. If you saw the car or the crash, help the lady out.