I'm postponing lunch today until I can make it out to Pendarvis Farms—one of the hallmarks of Pickathon in recent years has been a great selection of food carts, including Garden State, Violetta, and the perennially underrated-because-it-has-such-a-dumb name coffee cart Spunky Monkey. Pizza cart Al Forno Ferruzza is even selling pancakes!

Of note this this year: Pickathon has entirely eliminated single use receptacles—they've adopted the Go Box system that Alex wrote about last week.

The festival-scale system seemed well-implemented, at least when I was out on Friday. Dish washing stations were easy to find, and the dishware itself was actually pretty cute—bowls have a stencil of Pickathon's raccoon mascot in the bottom. I'm sure a few of those will be finding their way into the cupboards of Southeast Portland. The biggest barrier to the whole reusable receptacle is simply, I think, that it seems like kind of a hassle—that poster kiiiiind of makes my eyes glaze over. In practice, though, it seems to be working just fine. (i brought my own plate out instead of dealing with tokens and things because, again, hassle.) As for beverages, plastic water bottles are out, and Klean Kanteen cups are available for purchase. They work great for beer and are probably a little weird for wine.