Some notes about this email: When the publicist mentions "Andrew" I believe they think that I'm Andrew R. Tonry (Zoltar finally made my one wish come true!) and despite what the opening sentence says, I have never talked with this person. More importantly, I have no need for Tone® Body Wash. My skin is fucking immaculate®©™.

Hi Ned/Andrew,

It was great speaking with you and I look forward to potentially working with you on this giveaway opportunity. Below is the concert ticket giveaway opportunity that I believe would be a great fit for your readers on behalf of the Tone® Body Wash Backstage Pass Series featuring Sara Bareilles

We’d love to offer you the following prize package to give away on your site or through your social media handles as you see fit.

— Two-Six tickets to the 08/16 Sara Bareilles concert in Tulsa.
— A sample of Tone's latest products, including their new Tone® Vino Moisture Body Wash with Crushed Grape and Shea Butter

Please let me know if this is this something you would be interested in? As this is coming up quite quickly, we'd appreciate if you could let us know at your earliest convenience.

Thanks much!

So, uh, anyone want to go to Tulsa?

End Hits: Moby Grape > Crushed Grape